AP55 Autopilot


AP-55 is easy to operate, and designed with a number of configurations to suit most vessels. Use the master control unit to connect multiple head units, integrate with a GPS/GPS Plotter to provide waypoint steering.


Main Features

  • Add optional hand remotes to control your vessel from more then one position.
  • Large, easy to read backlit display.
  • Simple operation with push button controls.
  • Splash proof display.
  • Attractive styling compliments existing vessel layout.
  • Off course alarm.
  • Option for remote display units

Display Modes

Manual Mode:
The autopilot display unit shows the current magnetic heading.The vessel is under manual steering control and does not apply automatic steering control.

Auto Mode:
The autopilot will maintain your vessel on any desired magnetic course. This course can be set from the display unit.

GPS Mode:
When receiving information from a GPS the autopilot can steer a vessel to a precise latitude and longitude, through any number of desired course changes.

AP-55 Accessories

Rudder Angle Indicator:
The rudder angle indicator (RAI) displays the angle of the rudder being applied by the autopilot steering system. The TMQ RAI is a 90mm easy to read display which can be seen from anywhere in the wheelhouse.

TMQ can provide hand held or fixed control to suit your individual needs. Hand remotes provide a ‘wander’ facility for changing the preset course or selecting power steering modes. Extra display heads are available as a second station or fly bridge control.

Drive Units:
TMQ can supply a range of reversing pumps; or linear drives for use in yachts.


Voltage: 12-24 volts DC
Current: Manual – 0.4 amps
Average 1.5 Amps from the MCU.
Controls: Rotary
Display: 4 push button display
Transflective LCD
Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
Sensitivity: 0 to 10 degrees
Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0-
Rudder Limits: Front Panel Adjustable
Off Course Alarm: 45 degrees
Nav. Signal: NMEA 0183
ap47 dimensions


AP55 Downloads

  Download the AP55 Autopilot Brochure


Benefit from over 40 years of local product support. TMQ equipment is backed with a 2 year warranty*. Warranty is extended to 3 years when the item is registered with TMQ.

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