Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Established in 1986, AMI began as a single office located in Western Australia’s marine precinct, and grew to encompass branches across Australia, Singapore and Vietnam. A designer and engineer in its own right, as well as the Export Agent of TMQ’s range of marine electronics, AMI strive to provide equipment that is functional, reliable and high quality.

Core Markets

Core markets include the full span of maritime applications:

  • Leisure Marine
  • Commercial Maritime
  • Naval Defence

Accessing a wide range of expertise in the fields of hydraulics, electronics, steering and communications has resulted in a product range that delivers functionality as well as flexibility for a variety of configurations and vessel types.

Major Products

  • New Decktalk Connect offers the refit flexibility of an analogue system, with the clever interface of an IP programmable Digital intercom.
  • NMEA product lines include the NET106 and NMEA buffer, designed to elegantly simplify, or expand upon an existing network.
  • HYDRA is a multi-station Hydro-electric steering system capable of interfacing dual rudder setups fully electronically, with a modular and versatile design. HYDRA is suited to any hydraulic or mechanically controlled vessel, and comes with a range of commercial quality console and interface options.
  • C-PLOT (incorporating cartography from Navionics or CMAP) is a computer based electronic chart, overlaying navigational data over bathymetric information in an easy to use format for professional or recreational fishing and boating. Also available in real time 3D in C-PLOT 3D, when integrated with a GPS and Sounder.
  • Few situations are as dangerous for commercial mariners as a sinking ship, especially when the event occurs at night. The EEL (Emergency Escape Light) was designed to help prevent tragic loss of life in a capsize situation, by illuminating cabin and accommodation areas with bright battery powered light. Activated when the EEL detects an abnormal roll angle, the product is designed for simple installation and use, allowing crew and passengers to find their way out of the overturned vessel.
  • Autopilots & Accessories for compact spaces, fast moving vessels or requirement for multiple remote access points.

Partnerships and Opportunities

AMI are involved in the design and production of componentry and equipment that aids and benefits the products of leading maritime manufacturers. Open to new partnerships and opportunities, AMI welcome expressions of interest from parties seeking OEM based solutions. Enquire Here

National and International Distribution

OUR product can be found on vessels operating across the globe, if interested in joining an international distribution network to provide customers in your region with reliable marine electronics and more, complete our enquiry form.