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The DeckTalk Connect Communications System is a scalable intercom system with Ethernet based backbone. Decktalk is ideal as a talkback & intercom for larger leisure marine as well as commercial vessel types, offers the refit flexibility of an analogue system, with the clever interface of an IP programmable Digital Intercom.

Capability Overview

Decktalk Connect allows the user to configure the digital intercom system via web browser, the digital intercom interfaces with 2 wire analogue via proprietary injection system. The flexibility of the system allows for multiple configurations. Selection of accessories available including headsets, beacons, speakers and microphones.

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Standard Features

  • Scalable and modular solution enabling multiple control stations
  • Up to 10 Sub-Stations supported.
  • 2 or 4 wire connections for Sub-Stations.
  • Single Ethernet cable connection for master/remote stations
  • Master courtesy tone for clear end of transmission to terminals
  • Output available for External PA system, with option to use as PA system.
  • Power 24-48V DC


hydra p10


Primary Master Station

  • LCD Display
  • Backlit 10 Channel keypad
  • Built in speaker & volume controls
  • External headset Front panel microphone socket.
  • Splash proof flush mount
  • Single Ethernet (RJ45) connection only.
  • PoE (Powered over Ethernet) via AG10 Gateway or PINS5 Injector switch.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 240x140x47mm

hydra p20


Remote Master Station

  • 10 Channel keypad
  • Separate Requires external microphone and speaker
  • Talk to All, Talk to PA, Dimmer & Volume controls.
  • Splash proof flush mount
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 240x140x47mm

hydra p50


Analog Gateway Box for TalkBack Sub-Stations

  • Supports 10 sub-stations terminals with bidirectional call functionality
  • 2 or 4 wire line connections (4 wire for stations with call beacon or headset)
  • Up to 120W total audio output power
  • Can supply power to one master for smaller setups with no power injector
  • Redundant Failsafe Main & Backup 24VDC power inputs
  • Bulkhead mount

hydra p51


  • Network Switch and power PoE Injector for multiple stations. Panels
  • 4 ports with power PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports for interconnecting Master/Remote stations and Analog Gateways.
  • 1 port without power for system configuration or expansion
  • Main & Backup 24VDC power inputs
  • Bulkhead Mount

hydra p52


Basic 2/4 wire terminal endpoint Outdoor Sub-station for loud areas with call function

  • Designed to be fitted at mooring stations or loud external areas.
  • IP68 Rated aluminium housing
  • Call Button only
  • Requires external Horn Speaker
  • Incoming call beacon (optional)
  • Designed to be used in outdoor areas such as mooring and AFT stations.

hydra RAI


2/4 wire terminal endpoint Indoor/Outfoor Sub-Station with Call/Talk function

  • IP68 Rated aluminium housing
  • Call and talk buttons
  • External Speaker and Incoming call beacon (optional)

hydra ECU60


Flush Mount 2/4 wire terminal endpoint Indoor Sub-Station with Call/Talk function & Speaker

  • Built in speaker and headset microphone socket on front panel.
  • Call and speaker Talk push buttons
  • Splash proof flush mount
  • External Speaker and Incoming call beacon (optional)
  • Designed to be fitted in areas such as crew cabins, mess rooms, ships offices, kiosks, etc.

hydra ECU60


Flush Mount 2/4 wire terminal endpoint Indoor Sub-Station with Call/Talk function & Speaker

  • Headset 2/4 wire terminal endpoint Indoor loud area Sub-Station
  • IP68 Rated aluminium housing
  • Headset connection
  • Call and Talk buttons
  • External Speaker and Beacon sounder/flashing light attachment
  • Designed to be fitted in areas such as engine rooms.


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