Display seabed features and analyse in realtime 3D for accurate information of what is below your vessel. Designed to work beside our C-PLOT Software Navigation System.


Real Time:
As the vessel moves, the image of the sea floor is updated in real time. Navigators receive up to date information on fishing hot spots and seabed features. Integrated with the sounder and GPS, data is transformed into a 3 dimensional rendering.

C-PLOT 3D is suitable for all vessel types, including sports fishing vessels, yachts and commercial craft.

C-PLOT 3D also integrates with our C-PLOT software to display cursor positions and marks and events. And the ability to import historic data from the C-PLOT system.

Accumulated detail:
When operating in the same area, C-PLOT 3D becomes more and more detailed over time with accumulated data


User Requirements:

  • Intel Powered® Microsoft Windows Operating System.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • 2 USB Serial Ports (recommended)
  • 1 Serial Port (recommended)
  • Mouse or other pointing device.
  • Input Data NMEA 0183


  • Requires a GPS input and also NMEA 0183 Sounder data to create your own 3d Bottom mapping
  • Output Data NMEA 0183
  • Ethernet UDP (hardware required)
  • Internet access (installation and updates)

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