• TMQ Smartflush Features

    The Smartflush system helps you maintain your watermaker and keep it ready for use at a moment’s notice without having to preserve the membranes.

    Smartflush maintains a regular fresh water flush cycle to help avoid what could become costly repairs to your system.

    It includes a programmable timer to maintain a flushing schedule in order to keep the system and membrane in top condition ready for use and without the need for chemicals.

    Key Features

    • Programmable Flush Timer: Default setting of a seven minute flush every seven days but is easily adjusted to fit conditions.
    • Dual Relays: Leaving a vessel’s fresh water pump on is a liability and can result in flooding. Smartflush’s dual relays turn on fresh water pump and then opens the solenoid to allow fresh water to flow through the system.
    • Optional SMS Controller: Send a text message to command the flushing to commence. Receive a text message to know when flushing starts or has completed.
    • Compatibility: Suits any watermaker from any manufacturer.
    • Valve: Supplies fresh water to a bucket for chemical cleaning or preservation of membranes. Time and money can be saved by using land mains water and de-chlorinating it.
    • Big Blue Filter Housing and Radial Flow Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine from fresh water before it enters the watermaker – and avoids damage to reverse osmosis membranes.

  • TMQ Smartflush Downloads

    Download the Smartflush Brochure