AP-47 Autopilot

  • TMQ AP-47 Autopilot Features

    Over 30 years of TMQ’s manufacturing and design experience have gone into our leading small boat autopilot.

    The AP-47 brings all the features of the more expensive models into a single compact unit that provides performance and reliability for the recreational user. The perfect solution for mariners with restricted space on a limited budget.


    Key Features

    • Large, easy to read backlit display.
    • Simple operation with push button controls.
    • Splash proof display.
    • Attractive styling compliments existing vessel layout.
    • Off course alarm.

  • TMQ AP-47 Autopilot Specifications


    Voltage: 12 volts DC
    Current: Average – 0.5 amps
    Controls: 4 Push Button
    Display: Tranflective LCD
    Course Detection: Better than 1 degree
    Sensitivity: 0 to 10 degrees
    Rudder Ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0
    Rudder Limits: Front Panel Adjustable
    Course Alarm: 45 Degrees
    Nav. Signal: NMEA 0183
    Dimensions: Millimeters

  • TMQ AP-47 Autopilot Downloads

    Download the AP47 Brochure