• TMQ GC-100 Features

    The GC-100 is a vessel heading display that provides a digital read out of the vessel’s heading as received from a GPS compass.

    The display also has functions to pre-set the parameters of the GPS Compass when connected.


    Key Features

    • Large easy to read display.
    • Simple operation with push button controls.
    • Splash proof display.
    • Attractive styling compliments existing vessel layout.
    • Off-course alarm.
    • Option for remote display units.

  • TMQ GC-100 Specifications

    Display: 110mm x 110mm 4 digit LCD display
    Voltage Range: 12 to 24 volts
    Backlighting: Fluorescent backlighting with on/off option
    Operation: Four push buttons
    Waterproof: When mounted in dashboard
    Function: Display heading with one decimal point
    Baud: Preset compass to put out heading and GPS data at 4800
    Connections: – Conxall connector 6 pin
    – Power 12 volts
    – NMEA Serial data in
    – NMEA data suit compass out

  • TMQ GC-100 Downloads

    Download the GC-100 Brochure