• TMQ C-Plot Nav+ Features

    The new intelligent CLINT Solution makes it possible to track targets with the Colorlight searchlight series; we call the solution – Integrated Navigation Tracking – in short CLINT. The solution is developed by TMQ International (a member of the AMI group) and is based on the C-Plot computer based chart plotting platform.

    The system has a high level of connectivity as it is based on NMEA standard – Radar and AIS can be used as tracking source for the light, GPS and Gyro compasses enable accurate positioning and alignment of the system. It operates in a basic PC environment and the Touch screen user friendly interface makes it very easy to pinpoint a target on a monitor and let the system control the searchlight beam on the target while the crew can focus on other things onboard.

    Available in addition to new Colorlight searchlights, or as a refit to generation 3 lights sold from late 2010.

    C-Plot Nav Plus

    Key Features

    • Target tracking
    • Track AIS
    • Track ARPA/RADAR
    • Track GPS
    • Track MOB
    • Track Waypoint
    • Track point of interest
    • Gyro compensation
    • Intuitive and user friendly
    • PC based
    • Touchscreen friendly

  • TMQ C-Plot Nav+ Specifications


    Colorlight Searchlight Gen 3
    Vessel Input: Gyro, Radar, GPS, AIS
    Input/Output Data: NMEA0183
    PC Environment: Windows 7 / Windows 8
    Monitor: 1024×768 minimum resolution.
    Interface: 2 x USB, 1 x Serial port recommended, Ethernet.
    Maps: Navionics charts to supply a cost effective portfolio.
    Searchlight: All pan/tilt searchlights from Colorlight generation 3 – (CL20, CL25, CL35, CLIR, CLED and more) can be upgraded and equipped with this solution.
    Input Sources: Radar, GPS, AIS, DSC, Gyro compass based on NMEA standard.
    Configurations: Searchlight position (height from sea, vessel coordinate)

  • TMQ C-Plot Nav+ Downloads

    Download the C-Plot CLINT Brochure