Research and Development

Manufacturing Autopilots since 1976, and with other marine electronics to follow, TMQ has always had the specific requirements of their marine customers in mind, producing products that are versatile, easy to use and highly reliable – even in the stresses of the commercial marine environment.

TMQ end users benefit from over 35 years of research and development, with engineers and development managers highly experienced in the field.

TMQ continues to refine the production of their product range, including creation of new and unique offerings with regards to their ECS C-PLOT. C-PLOT is now available in conjuction with both Jeppensen and Navionics Charts, as well as providing an AIS ready/searchlight interface in a joint project with Colorlight AB.’CLINT’ a recent addition to Colorlight’s range, provides a means of tracking targets with the searchlight automatically, locking onto a crew member’s AIS SART in man overboard situations, or continuously tracking a stationery target during docking.

The latest new addition to the C-PLOT range, C-PLOT 3D Sea Floor Mapping software is available as a free trial. C-PLOT 3D Maps the sea floor in real time, ideal for targeting key fishing spots, underwater features and providing the navigator with up to date conditions during the journey.

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